Overland Park, Kansas – January 19, 2021 - MutualAid eXchange (MAX) has announced that Dr. Lisa Bage, currently Chief Operating Officer at MAX, will become the CEO and President effective February 15th of this year.  Current President and CEO David M. Wine will be retiring following twenty years in that position.  Wine will continue to serve as an advisor to MAX management and the MAX board of directors.

Dr. Bage has been Chief Operating Officer of MAX since 2015.  Prior to MAX, Lisa’s 30 years in the insurance industry includes roles at various companies including Kemper and Progressive, in positions overseeing pricing, product development, sales, and marketing.  She earned her Masters of Business Administration from Case Western Reserve University and her Doctorate in Education from the University of Pennsylvania.

Wine stated, “It has been a wonderful experience to work closely with Lisa the past five years in her role as COO. I have grown to have a deep appreciation for her broad skill sets that make her an ideal fit for the CEO position”.  He attributes MAX’s strong growth and development the past few years to Lisa’s leadership that has led to a large expansion of MAX’s distribution system, and, at the same time, strengthened the special mission and values that embody MAX.

Chairman of the Board, Steve Garboden, expressed his thanks to Mr. Wine for his leadership and commitment in shaping MAX from its formation in 2001 and an insurance career spanning over forty-five years. Wine led the formation of the MutualAid eXchange (MAX) merging eleven different companies and cultures into a new enterprise. Garboden noted with deep affirmation, the skills and sensitivity required to build and lead MAX during its first two decades.

Garboden also expressed the Board’s appreciation for the great foundation that has been laid in MAX’s first twenty years, and his confidence that Lisa’s leadership will enable MAX to build on that foundation. He stated, “The Board’s appointment of Dr. Bage is indicative of our strong endorsement and enthusiasm for her leadership, values, and insurance expertise”.

“Our team has an outstanding reputation for providing superior, personal service to our members, agents, and partners,” Bage said. “I am excited about the opportunities ahead of us to create and sustain wholeness for even more individuals and communities.”

MAX Insurance®, based in Overland Park, KS, is a unique fair, faithful and socially responsible insurance enterprise. The company’s mission is to restore wholeness to communities and individuals in need. It lives out its mission through a variety of high quality insurance products, outstanding personalized customer service, and its unique Mutual Aid Ministries program.

To learn more about MAX, visit www.maxinsurance.com.