College Grads moving out? Need Renter’s Insurance?

This time of year is full of graduations. For all of you college grads out there, are you moving out of your parents’ homes this summer? You have landed your first “real” job and with that comes a new place to call home. If you are renting an apartment this summer, you should definitely cross one item off your list now and that is renter’s insurance. Renters insurance is important. Why? Well, you want to have your personal items covered in a loss. Your electronics, clothing, household goods and other personal items are important to you. Why not get the coverage you deserve for these items to ensure they can be fully replaced should a loss occur? Contact a MAX agent to learn more about renters insurance.

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Spring Cleaning – Insurance Style

This time of year is known for spring cleaning.  Have you considered cleaning up your insurance policies?  One way to do so is to review your policies with your MAX Agent.  Think about what has changed this past year in your life that may affect your policies.  Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is the coverage on my home adequate? Have you added an addition or made any significant upgrades? It’s important to remember that insurance is based on “replacement cost” not market value. If your dwelling is underinsured, you may not be able to fully replace it should you have a total loss.
  • Is the coverage on my related private structures adequate? The Homeowners policy automatically includes a limit of 10% of Coverage “A” Dwelling for Related Private Structures. Any structure designed or used in whole or in part for farming or agricultural purposes is excluded and can be written under a Farmowners policy.
  • Is the coverage for theft on certain property like money, jewelry, silver, guns, etc. adequate? If not, additional coverage should be purchased.
  • Are you a collector or do you own antiques? If you have valuable items that cannot be replaced easily, an appraisal will help your MAX agent more accurately evaluate whether your contents are adequately insured. These types of items should be scheduled in order to avoid any question of value at the time of a loss.
  • Is there coverage under my Homeowners policy for my business? The Homeowners policy has very limited coverage for any type of business conducted on or away from the premises. If you own and operate a business from your home, you should contact your MAX agent as you may need a commercial insurance policy.

We hope you find these questions useful and that you’ll do some spring cleaning of your insurance policies this month.  Feel free to contact your MAX agent or us and we’ll be happy to assist you in your spring cleaning!

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