MAX Staff Love Mutual Aid Ministries

Mutual Aid Ministries is the heart of MAX.  It was created to help bring wholeness to people facing extreme financial hardship.  By caring beyond the contract, we live our vision of creating and sustaining wholeness.  That’s what makes MAX so unique and that’s why our staff loves Mutual Aid Ministries.  We asked Kim, a member of our Finance team, why she loves Mutual Aid Ministries.  Check it out.

What do you think of MutualAid Ministries?
When I came to work for MAX almost two years ago, I was very excited to learn about Mutual Aid Ministries and how it brings wholeness to others in financial need. Rarely do you find an insurance company that will donate a portion of their own revenue to aid in the help of others. I had longed to be a part of an organization that actually makes a difference…which I found at MAX.

How do you look at Mutual Aid Ministries Grants?
Although so many of the stories I read about in our employee newsletter or hear about in our quarterly team meetings tear my heart out; I feel such pride to be part of an organization that actually cares about others and wants to help people when they are financially down and see no way out. I believe that we all have a moral obligation to help others, especially those in need.

Do you know of someone that could benefit from a grant?  Learn more about Mutual Aid Ministries, including our grant application, by clicking here.

MAX Insurance in Top 10% of Socially Responsible Companies Worldwide Evaluated by Comprehensive B Impact Assessment

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MAX Insurance in Top 10% of Socially Responsible Companies Worldwide

Evaluated by Comprehensive B Impact Assessment

October 11, 2016, Overland Park, KS

An Overland Park, KS, headquartered property/casualty insurance enterprise has been recognized among the top 10% of 1,800 socially responsible companies in the world, according to an independent assessment organization.

MutualAid eXchange (MAX) Insurance was recognized by the independent nonprofit B Lab and B the Change Media for creating positive overall impact in the communities it serves and for its strong relationships with its workers.  The recognition of MAX and the other B Lab honorees was announced at the first-annual Best for the World Celebration & Awards Ceremony at the University of California, Berkeley’s Haas Business School.

“The companies we are honoring as the best for the world represent the cutting edge of a global movement using business as a force for good. We are inspired by them, and feel deeply honored to join them in this historic and ground-breaking celebration,” said Bryan Welch, CEO of B the Change Media, the multi-platform media company that publishes the quarterly B Magazine and host of the Best for the World event at the University of California, Berkeley.

MAX was recognized for the positive way it relates to its workers.  “We know we can’t pay the most but we work hard to recruit, train, support, promote, encourage and retain employees and independent agents who share our values,” said Dave Wine, MAX President and Chief Executive Officer.  “Our team members choose to work for MAX because of who we are.  We try to honor that by creating a caring and supportive work environment.”

MAX’s commitment to helping individuals and communities in need was also noted by B-Lab.  “We try to use business as a source for good with the people and communities we serve,” Wine said.  “MAX is fair, faithful and socially responsible based on our traditional Mennonite background and our ongoing commitment to creating and sustaining wholeness for all our stakeholders.  We believe that’s the way insurance should be.”

To live out these values, MAX created and funds a program called Mutual Aid Ministries which provides grants to people and communities facing unexpected financial crises or in need of support for socially beneficial causes.  The company funds the program through top-line revenue contributions.  Over the years MAX, in partnership with its network of independent agents, has donated thousands of dollars to families suffering from illness, loss or tragedy, and to communities working to improve the lives of youth, seniors, the disadvantaged or the community at large.


MutualAid eXchange (MAX) is a property/casualty insurance company that believes in a set of core values that derive from its founding Mennonite, Brethren and other Anabaptist faith communities. MAX employees, representatives, and members subscribe to and practice these values as conditions of their association with the enterprise:

MAX is FAIR. We believe in treating others as we would like to be treated.

MAX is FAITHFUL. We affirm and seek Higher Guidance from God, whose blessing extends to all people, no matter their particular spiritual pathway.

MAX is SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE. We believe business has a responsibility to do good in the world.

Overland Park, Kansas Office

4400 College Boulevard, Suite 250

Overland Park, KS 66211




B Lab is a nonprofit organization that serves a global movement of people using business as a force for good.  Its vision is that one day all companies compete not only to be the best in the world, but the best for the world and society will enjoy prosperity for all for the long term.

B Lab drives this systemic change by: 1) building a community of Certified B Corporations to make it easier for all of us to tell the difference between “good companies” and good marketing; 2) passing benefit corporation legislation to give business leaders the freedom to create value for society as well as shareholders; 3) helping businesses measure, compare and improve their social and environmental performance with the free B Impact Assessment; 4) driving capital to impact investments through use of its B Analytics and GIIRS Ratings platform.

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B the Change Media was formed as a partnership between B Lab, the community of B Corporations, and Bryan Welch, former CEO of Ogden Publications (B Corp since 2010). B the Change Media is a multi platform media company whose mission is to build the world’s largest engaged audience of people with a passion for using business as a force for good. B the Change Media has editorial and operating independence and covers compelling stories about business as a force for good, not just stories about B Corporations. B the Change Media has independent investors and is a subsidiary of B Lab, the nonprofit organization that administers the Impact Assessment and aggregates the B Corporation community. B the Change Media is a Pending B Corporation.

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What is a Smart Home?

By Sam Schoutko, Personal Lines Underwriter

The term “smart home” is bandied around nowadays and most people don’t have a good idea what it actually means or how their home can become a smart home.  If you aren’t familiar with technology it sounds daunting, complicated, and expensive.  It is somewhat expensive and it can be complicated but it doesn’t need to be daunting.  Hopefully I can help explain a little about smart homes to the average person that makes them easier to understand and implement in your own home.

Let’s start with a common myth about “smart homes” and that is in order to be called a “smart home” every element/system/appliance of a home needs be controlled via your phone or a computer.  While this is partly true it definitely isn’t the whole story.  Did you know that when you enter Bill Gates home you can set a climate profile for yourself and the home tracks which room you are in and automatically adjusts the temperature in that room to whatever you set?  As you walk from room to room it changes the temp based on who is in the room.  Would we all love to have a home that does that?  Of course!  Is it practical for anyone but the 1% of the 1%?  Of course not.

The point of a smart home is to make common features of a home more accessible and easier to manage remotely.  Remotely can mean from another part of the country to just not wanting to get off the couch to turn the lights on.  There are many elements to a smart home – security, climate control, doors, lights, appliances, voice commands, etc.  Could you upgrade everything in your home at the same time?  Yes, but that would cost thousands of dollars and probably isn’t even necessary.  All you need to do is identify which of these features matter to you.  You don’t have to upgrade them all like Mr. Gates.

When I bought my first house I decided that I wanted a thermostat that connects to the internet and I can monitor from my phone.  It knows where I am at any time, it automatically learns my schedule and adjusts the temperature in my house for when I’m gone to conserve energy.  This has helped me save money and made my life more convenient and it was just a small part of my home that was upgraded – I didn’t need to retrofit everything.

It is important to identify what matters to you.  Do you have kids that get home from school while you are at work?  Maybe a remote webcam that sends a notification to your phone when there is motion in front of it so you can see they made it home safely is what you need.  Do you need to let guests into your home while you are gone?  A Wi-fi garage door opener works for that.  Do you work long hours but want to come home to nice meal already made?  You can actually buy a Wi-fi crockpot that you can control from your phone.  Do you go out of town for long stretches of time?  Get smart lights that will turn on every evening for a period time to make it seem like you are home and deter would be burglars.

The possibilities go on and on and the list of items you can add to your home grows every day as more products are developed.

You know the saying “there’s an app for that”?  Today that applies to your home as well as your phone – there’s a Wi-fi connected smart device for that.  Not quite as catchy of a phrase but it gets the point across.  Don’t allow it to overwhelm you – you don’t need to upgrade everything at once.  You just need to figure out what meets your current needs the best and you can slowly develop your own smart home piece by piece over time.

SamAbout Sam

Sam enjoys spending time with his wife Krista and their Siberian Husky, Ecko, while not at work.  Krista is a wonderful cook and baker so their relationship works well as he is a wonderful eater of the food she cooks and bakes.  They enjoy keeping up to date on the latest movies and traveling to see family.  As new homeowners, there is always a project to tackle around the house as well.

Volunteering at Nursing Homes…My Story

by Brad Shrum, CPCU

My maternal grandmother lived until almost 103 years and played a major role in my life. She lost her husband early in a farming accident during the height of the Great Depression, and before this lost 3 of 7 children to a diphtheria outbreak in the late 1920’s. My mother and 3 sisters survived this outbreak, as well as both grandparents. A different time to be sure. I would often go visit her in her last years in a nursing home facility in Southeast Kansas. I would leave the facility thinking of the loneliness and in some cases the hopelessness I would experience in the residents, and the hard work and dedication of the staff.

In 1992, with the support of Emmanuel Baptist Church, we started a nursing home ministry that branches out today to more than a dozen facilities around the metro area. Two of these, Leisure Care/Manor Care, and St.Joseph Villa have been directly in my care since 1992. Sometimes family members will call in need of a chaplain type, so this becomes an area of service as well. There have been residents under this church ministry for upwards of 12 years. It is bittersweet at times as you get to know both staff, family, and residents over time, then they are gone.

I am grateful that first The St.Paul Companies of the 1990’s and now MAX has allowed this to continue under our service time that is generously provided.

Brad ShrumAbout Brad Shrum
Goose Hunter, Father of two sons, and Insurance Agent!
Direct Phone – 913-754-3823
LinkedIn          Facebook

Brad has worked at MAX for the past 14 years and has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry doing underwriting, field management work, and sales. Outside of the office, Brad is an ordained Southern Baptist Deacon and a Sunday School teacher of 30 years. In addition, Brad is a long-time Vacation Bible School teacher and has an ongoing 19 year Nursing Home Ministry. Since he was a young teenager, Brad has been an avid goose hunter, traveling across North America while pursuing this noble bird and enjoying the outdoor world.

Preventing Wind or Hail Damage to Your Home this Fall

Fall is here and the temperatures are beginning to cool.  However, some days in the fall months can still be quite warm and that means severe weather is still possible.  Storms are not limited to the spring and summer months, so now is a good time to protect your home against wind or hail damage that can come with storms.

Here are some tips that may help protect your home from wind or hail damage:

  • Invest in top-quality roofing and a stronger grade of shingles to fortify your roof. This will help better protect the interior of your home, its contents and you!  And, take the initiative to replace your roof when it has outlived its useful life.  If you are unsure how to measure the life of the roof, contact a local and trusted roofer to give you an idea of when the roof should be replaced.
  • Tie down items such as sheds, trampolines, patio tables etc. and secure chairs.While your home may be able to withstand high winds, these items can act as projectiles and can damage the exterior of your home during high wind events.
  • Consider double pane higher quality windows.
  • If you are considering building a home, there are numerous ways to improve the integrity of your home for very little additional cost. You can find ways to improve the storm worthiness of your new home at

Do you have questions about protecting your home against wind or hail damage?  Has it been a while (over a year) since you updated your home insurance policy? Contact your MAX Agent today and he/she would be happy to assist you with your policy.