MAX Insurance® Selects Canopy Weather as Hail Data Provider to Improve Hail Claims Processing


MAX Insurance® to use Canopy Weather’s hail reports to identify the date of loss and flag claims for further review. 

Overland Park, KS. (January 10th, 2023) — Today, MutualAid eXchange (MAX) Insurance, a cooperative member-owned property casualty insurance enterprise specializing in protecting residential and small farm properties, announced the selection of Canopy Weather as its source for weather data for hail claims processing.

Hail claims losses and related expenses are a significant cost to property insurance carriers. By correctly identifying the date of loss, carriers can assign the claims to the correct CAT event, as well as process claims more quickly and efficiently.

“By using Canopy’s hail history reports, we are finding that when a hail claim is reported more than 3 days after the event, loss dates are incorrect about 60% of the time,” says Stephen Messina, Chief Customer Experience Officer for MAX Insurance®. “By validating dates of loss on hail claims, MAX is able to align losses to the correct date of loss, validate a loss occurred within its coverage period, and accurately aggregate claims by weather event.”

“With over a decade of experience focused on the industry's hail claims problems, we’re excited to provide MAX Insurance® with our market-leading hail analytics,” Don Giuliano, President of Canopy Weather, said. “Our internal studies have shown that loss dates are incorrect roughly 50% of the time, and we are pleased that our colleagues at MAX Insurance® are benefitting from the use of our reports”.

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About Canopy Weather

Canopy delivers property-specific hail size and roof damage analytics to insurance and financial services industries. Canopy's team has a long history in the P&C industry, founded by Matt Van Every and Don Giuliano, who led the development of the first-ever ground-level hail-size verification and property-specific hail history products over a decade ago.

More about Canopy's innovations:

Service Day at Harvesters – The Community Food Network

The MAX Insurance team gathered for our annual Service Day on September 29th.  We closed our offices for the day and enjoyed giving our time at Harvesters – The Community Food Network in MAX’s home office area of Kansas City, MO.  Harvesters is a regional food bank serving a 26-county area of northwestern Missouri and northeastern Kansas.  The MAX team toured the Harvesters facility where we learned more about the programs Harvesters provides throughout the region.  Following the tour, our team gathered in the warehouse where we repackaged 10,985 pounds of potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots.  Whether we stuffed the bags by hand or with the machine, we enjoyed being together and helping Harvesters provide fresh vegetables to the food insecure.

Repackaging vegetables at Harvesters

We reserved the Hunger Awareness Center, a large meeting space with a kitchen, where we ate our boxed lunches and then took part in our next activity – Give Lunch bags.  The Give Lunch bags provide children nonperishable ready-to-eat meals.  MAX’s Mutual Aid Ministries program purchased food items through Sysco for the team to pack 480 Give Lunch bags.  We made two assembly lines and packed away! The last step was building boxes and packing nine Give Lunch bags per box.  The photos below show the team assembling the bags and everyone in front of all of our boxes.

Assembling Give Lunch Bags

Lastly, we want to give a shout-out to two local organizations we supported in our Service Day:

  • GoEx Apparel in Kansas City where we ordered our t-shirts.  GoEx is a part of the Global Orphan Project that manages CarePortal, a platform that helps vulnerable children and families.  Our team, through MAX’s Mutual Aid Ministries program, fulfills individual CarePortal requests throughout the year.
  • Thelma’s Kitchen in Kanas City where we ordered our boxed lunches. Thelma’s Box Lunch is a social venture of Reconciliation Services where every Box Lunch helps provide social & mental health services and reduce food insecurity for KC neighbors in need.

Thanks to our members and agents for their patience while we closed the office for the day.  As you can see from the photos, we had a great time on our Service Day at Harvesters!

What does Renters Insurance cover?

Did you know?  MAX has a renters insurance product.

A landlord’s policy covers only the physical structure of the rental property and not your belongings.  Whether you are living in an apartment or renting a house, renters insurance is designed to cover damage to your personal property while living in a rental property.  If there is a fire, a water leak, or a theft, renters insurance may help cover your belongings, such as electronics.  Renters insurance will also provide reimbursement for additional living expenses if it becomes necessary for you to live elsewhere after your apartment or rental home is damaged by a covered peril.  Lastly, renters insurance provides liability protection.

Would you like to learn more about renters insurance?

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Member Care: Live Voice

Our MAX Member Care Center team is here to assist members with their questions.  Whether it’s making a payment, finding an agent, or inquiring about a policy, our team is here for MAX members.  Moreover, we answer the phone with a live voice and a smile.  Don’t take our word for it.  Check out the testimonials below from members:

“All of my phone calls are always answered, by person. I love that you don't have an automated answering service. Any questions or problems that I have had are resolved quickly. Working with MAX MutualAid [eXchange] has [been] easy and pleasant.”

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“It is so refreshing to make a phone call to MAX. I am always met with the voice of a friendly, courteous and professional person. Unlike other insurance companies that I dread to call, with MAX I feel welcomed and valued. Thanks for being this kind of presence in my world!”

-Marlene W., customer since 2017


“I appreciate that there is always a REAL person on the other end of the phone and my questions are answered thoroughly.”

-Customer since 2016


“Quality customer service and always a "real person" contact. Every person who answers the phone is knowledgeable and able to answer any question.”

-Alisa P., customer since 2017


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“Am I covered?”

It’s a new year and what better a time to review your insurance policies than this month?  One question can cover several items when reviewing your policies – “Am I covered?”

When it comes to home insurance, if you have made any updates to your home, you can talk to your MAX agent who can help you get the proper coverage.

  • Did you start or complete a home remodeling project?
  • Did you install a new pool or trampoline?
  • Did you buy that special item you’ve been saving up for?
  • Or did you receive a special gift like jewelry or other high-value items over the holidays?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, talk to your MAX agent and ask “Am I covered?”  Your agent will be happy to help you with these items and more.

Lastly, the New Year is also a good time to update your home inventory.  If you do not have a home inventory yet, why not create one now?  A home inventory becomes essential in times of a loss.  You can read more about home inventories in this blog post.

Why not get that “Am I covered?” question answered this month by asking your MAX agent for a policy review?  Have a wonderful 2022!