Member Care: Live Voice

Our MAX Member Care Center team is here to assist members with their questions.  Whether it’s making a payment, finding an agent, or inquiring about a policy, our team is here for MAX members.  Moreover, we answer the phone with a live voice and a smile.  Don’t take our word for it.  Check out the testimonials below from members:

“All of my phone calls are always answered, by person. I love that you don't have an automated answering service. Any questions or problems that I have had are resolved quickly. Working with MAX MutualAid [eXchange] has [been] easy and pleasant.”

-Customer since 2016


“It is so refreshing to make a phone call to MAX. I am always met with the voice of a friendly, courteous and professional person. Unlike other insurance companies that I dread to call, with MAX I feel welcomed and valued. Thanks for being this kind of presence in my world!”

-Marlene W., customer since 2017


“I appreciate that there is always a REAL person on the other end of the phone and my questions are answered thoroughly.”

-Customer since 2016


“Quality customer service and always a "real person" contact. Every person who answers the phone is knowledgeable and able to answer any question.”

-Alisa P., customer since 2017


Are you ready to become a MAX member?  Call us today at 877-971-6300. We would be happy to help you and answer your call with a friendly, live voice.

COVID-19 Update: We’re Still Here for You

We know this is a time of uncertainty.  However, we are focused on what is unchanging, and that is our commitment to live out our vision and values of creating and sustaining wholeness. During this time, we are making sure we do everything possible to keep our members and agents well served and also help keep our team as healthy and safe as possible.

Thanks to our planning and current operational contexts, MAX is well positioned to do this regardless of the ultimate disruption this virus may cause.  All of our team across the United States already works from home on a semi-frequent basis. We know that we can carry out all of the essential operations of MAX whether our physical offices are fully staffed or not.

Members directly impacted by this virus who are encountering an unanticipated financial hardship should contact their MAX agent or our team directly. 

Contact us via telephone at (877) 971-6300 or email  Our Contact Us form is also available for members to send a note to our customer service team.  Plus, Live Chat is available.  Look for the orange highlighted box to the right of this post.

In addition, members can sign up for electronic policy access at  This online member care center also provides an opportunity to make payments online.

We stand ready to help you.  Thanks for choosing MAX.

MAX Featured Agent: Sharon Strader at FarmPLUS Insurance Agency in Blairs, Virginia

Sharon Strader at FarmPLUS Insurance Agency with Deana Richardson, Sales Manager at MAX, presenting a check to Laurel Grove Volunteer Fire & Rescue

We value our MAX Agency Partners and this month we would like to introduce you to one of them – Sharon Strader at FarmPLUS Insurance Agency in Blairs, Virginia.  Deana Richardson, our Regional Sales Manager, asked Sharon some questions about her agency and why they choose MAX for many of their clients.  Check it out:

Q: What do you like about MAX and what do you feel sets MAX apart from your other competitors?

A: I love that MAX gives back to the community through their Mutual Aid Ministries (“MAM”) program including volunteer organizations like fire departments, to churches and also individual families. MAX has good products and competitive rates, as well as, great customer service. Anytime I have a question I can always reach my sales representative or someone in customer service. Although I have never had to file a claim, I anticipate the experience will be as great as the service I have always received.

Q: Why would you choose MAX over your competitor?

A: It’s pretty simple: MAX is a company that truly stands behind their customers, strives to offer competitive products and I love what they stand for.

Q: In what ways does your agency support your community?

A: Several of our agents are volunteers in our community and they, as well as, the agency,  make contributions to community organization such as the cancer society, volunteer fire department and other organizations.

Q: What do you feel are the advantages of an Independent Agent vs. Exclusive Agent?

A: An independent agency has the ability to offer several options based on the needs of each customer. They also have the capability of quoting their policy with 10-12 different companies, so the customer is guaranteed to get the best rate. An independent agent vs. a direct marketing company has huge benefits as well. In addition to the options and best rates, you will always be able to speak face to face with an agent….an independent agent is like family, they are always there when you need them.

Why Should You Choose to Receive Your Insurance Policy Documents Electronically?

by Deana Richardson, Regional Sales Manager

It’s 2017 and going paperless is everywhere.  Why not choose electronic policy delivery for your insurance policy too?  Here are some reasons why you can opt in for electronic policy delivery at MAX:

  • Lessen the clutter of paper in your home.
  • Print only what you need.
  • Log in any time of day, 24/7, to the MAX Member Care Center for access to all of your policy information.
  • Access your new policy immediately vs. waiting for the paper policy to arrive via snail mail.

Have we convinced you yet to opt-in for electronic policy delivery?  Reducing not only paper use, but also printing costs, is a win-win for MAX and our carbon footprint.  Create your account today.  Thanks for being a member of MAX!

About DeanaDeana

Deana Richardson is the Sales Manager for Virginia, West Virginia and the state of Montana. She has been with MAX over 4 years and has 24 years of experience in the Insurance Industry.

She is also the Music Director / Praise and Worship Leader where she attends church and is very active in her community. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, camping, fishing and traveling. She feels that her greatest success in life has been raising two wonderful sons. Deana is looking very forward to Summer and the excitement of pulling that camper out of the driveway.

MAX Featured Agent: Tom Petti at InsureitOhio in Madison County, OH

Tom Petti
Tom Petti, InsureitOhio in Madison County, Ohio

We value our MAX Agency Partners and this month we would like to introduce you to one of them – Tom Petti at InsureitOhio in Madison County, Ohio.  Phil Blount, our Regional Sales Manager, asked Tom some questions about his agency and why they choose MAX for many of their clients.  Check it out:

Q:  What do you like about MAX?

A:  MAX is a great insurance company to place business with.  There are enough coverage options and products available to suit most risk profiles, and do it at a competitive price.  However, once you get passed the nuts and bolts of product and price, the people of MAX are what really make the company a joy to write for.  Over the years I have had one good experience after another whether it be billing, claims, underwriting, or simply a customer service call.

Q:  In what ways does your agency support your community?

A: Our agency believes that being involved in the local community is important.  It really sets the local agent apart from the large direct writers.  We participate in local Chambers of Commerce, COSE (Council of Smaller Enterprises), and the Greater Cleveland Growth Association.  I also attend many community events in a more unofficial capacity. Sometimes it’s nice to just be out and seen in the community without always having to be there for business attracting purposes. My wife and I go to local fairs, school sporting events, and are members of some local clubs.

Q:  Why do you believe someone should use an Independent Agent?

A:  Placing business through an independent agent is not for everyone.  There is certainly a place for the large, impersonal direct writers and the customers they serve.  However, if an individual sees value in having a local person to person relationship with an insurance professional that is actually motivated to provide a proper insurance package for them, the independent agent is the way to go.

Q:  What are some coverage issues that you are seeing right now that you want your customers to be aware of?

A: One of our main jobs is to educate the customers we serve.  Water back up is many times one of those optional coverages that people don’t know they need until something bad happens.  Many times, after explaining what this coverage is for and why they really should have at least a modest amount, the customers are happy to add it to their policy.  Auto liability limits are also an issue.  For many agents, we’ve been writing 100/300 for a long time.  This may have been adequate ten or fifteen years ago, but with the ever increasing costs of medical care, it does not go as far as it used to.  We like to offer 250/500 along with an optional umbrella, at least for conversation and customer education.