MAX Member Care Center is Now Live

MAX members now have the opportunity to access their policies online in our new Member Care Center website.  Members can do the following:

  • Go Paperless.  Electronic Policy Access instead of snail mail gives members immediate access to their documents.
  • Make Online Payments.  Pay by credit, debit or electronic check.
  • Schedule Payment Reminders via email or text.
  • View Payment Schedule with billing and due dates.
  • Report New Claims and view Claims History.
  • Contact Member Services by sending a message.
  • Update Contact Information including phone, email and mailing address.

Why not create an account today?  Visit today!

MutualAid eXchange policies only.

WOW Claims Service

“Honey, we have a problem. That storm last night really damaged our house. Call the insurance company.” Those are the words you never want to speak or hear for that matter. However, claims happen and that’s the nature of insurance – to restore you back to whole.

When you file a claim with MAX, whether you call your MAX agent or broker, or speak to a member of our staff, you will receive WOW service. We take pride in our service and our Claims Team is excellent.

So, when you do have to file a claim with MAX, just know that we will do our best to provide WOW claims service to you. Thanks for being a member of MAX!

What to Expect When You Call Our 800 Number

So, you are ready to buy insurance for your home, farm, auto, church or business? Maybe an umbrella or life policy too? If you are completing your search for insurance products online, you may opt to complete a form which will alert a staff member to contact you. Or, you may choose to dial an 800 number and speak to a company representative. MAX offers both options and today we thought we’d concentrate on the 800 number option.

When you call our 800 number, you will speak to a live voice during our regular business hours. Not an automated machine that asks you for an extension. Our Sales and Service Center team will be more than happy to help you. Our team is quite knowledgeable and will explain insurance terms and coverages in plain simple English. Let’s face it – insurance can be quite confusing! We also answer the phones with a smile. Good WOW service is our mantra and you will have a pleasant conversation with any of the members of our team.

So, go ahead and call us today at 877-971-6300! We can’t wait to help you!

Providing WOW Service to Our Members

There is a great little book out called “How to Become a Rainmaker” by Jeffrey J. Fox.  In the book Fox writes about the rules for attracting and retaining customers. At MAX, we like to put the book’s tips into practice as we help our members of our MAX family with their insurance needs and in maximizing wholeness in their lives.

Here are some of the ways our MAX staff members serve our constituents:

  • Cherish our members (and our constituency) at all times
  • Treat our members as we would our best friends and family members
  • Truly listen to our members and decipher their needs.
  • Help  members get what they want and need
  • Share the extra values in MAX’s products such as mutual aid ministries support
  • Show our members the actual dollarized value of what they will get with their policies
  • Customize our product or service to suit members’ needs
  • Deliver our service to members when they want it (and do it earlier and easier than expected)
  • Give our members a little extra, more than they expect
  • Remind members of the value they receive – the MAX difference
  • Thank each member sincerely and often
  • Make choosing and paying for insurance easy for our members

Our focus is providing WOW service at MAX, and we are continually working to improve our members’ services to new levels. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions to help make your MAX insurance experience as rewarding as possible.