Reviewing your Insurance Policies

We will make this blog post quite simple for our readers – have you reviewed your insurance policies lately?  Or, more importantly has your agent reviewed your policies?  We understand that insurance terms can be confusing and a bit daunting.  But, that’s why your agent is here.  They can help explain the complicated terms and make them simpler and easier to understand.

Why should you review your policies?

  • Change is constant.  You may have new things to insure or things to drop from your policy.  Let’s get it up to date.
  • A discount may be in your future.  Combining your home and auto can provide a discount – how about some savings before the holidays?
  • Proper coverage.  Ensuring you will be taken care of properly should you have a loss is quite important.

So, contact our Sales & Service Center or your MAX agent to review your policies today!

Photo by Margaret Ornsby

WOW Claims Service

“Honey, we have a problem. That storm last night really damaged our house. Call the insurance company.” Those are the words you never want to speak or hear for that matter. However, claims happen and that’s the nature of insurance – to restore you back to whole.

When you file a claim with MAX, whether you call your MAX agent or broker, or speak to a member of our staff, you will receive WOW service. We take pride in our service and our Claims Team is excellent.

So, when you do have to file a claim with MAX, just know that we will do our best to provide WOW claims service to you. Thanks for being a member of MAX!