(June 22, 2017) – All of us can use a break sometimes, and that’s especially true for the caregivers of children and people with special needs.  That’s where Kaitlyn’s Cottage in Defiance comes in.

This unique organization provides a safe and nurturing place with positive activities for people with special needs, allowing their caregivers time to rest, run errands or spend time on other daily activities.

The Rose Insurance Agency has been a long-time supporter of Kaitlyn’s Cottage.  “Our agency donates time, meals and supports programs at the facility regularly.  Whether it’s collecting pumpkins to donate at Halloween for pumpkin hunts, or donating at the Gala, we are extremely passionate about the importance of a safe place for our special needs community,” said Mandi Kissner of the Rose Insurance Agency.

To assist the program, Kissner reached out to one of its providers of insurance, MutualAid eXchange (“MAX”) Insurance. “We are thrilled to contribute to this very worthwhile program,” said David Wine, President and CEO of MAX Insurance.  “The services Kaitlyn’s Cottage provides ring true to our own values and beliefs.”  MAX is a fair, faithful and socially responsible provider of home, auto, business and related insurance.  The company’s Mutual Aid Ministries program offers Community Grants to its network of independent agencies to support worthwhile programs.

For more about Rose Insurance Agency, contact Mandi Kissner, 619 5th Street, Defiance, OH  43512.  419-784-9479.  Amanda.roseins@outlook.comwww.definanceinsurancequotes.com.

More about MAX Insurance:  Address:  4400 College Boulevard, Suite 250, Overland Park, KS  66211.  Phone:  877-971-6300.  Website:  www.MAXInsurance.com or www.MutualAidMinistries.com.  Email:  bmusgrave@maxinsurance.com.