(June 9, 2017) – People suffering heart attacks in Lexington have a better chance of survival thanks to the network of external heart defibrillators put in place by “Sounds of the Heart.”  Now the organization wants to make one’s chances even better.

Betty Weddle, founder of Sounds of the Heart and an employee of Oswald Crow Agency, has undertaken an effort to upgrade some of the 22 AED’s already in place.  “They’re making better ones now with new features for use on children, plus better instructions,” she said.  “We’d like to get three new ones this year to replace some of the ones in our schools and public places.”

To assist the program, MutualAid eXchange (“MAX”) Insurance is making a new contribution in addition to one it made last year.  “We are thrilled to continue our assistance to this very worthwhile program,” said David Wine, President and CEO of MAX Insurance.  MAX is a fair, faithful and socially responsible provider of home, auto, business and related insurance.  The company’s Mutual Aid Ministries program offers Community Grants to its network of independent agencies to support worthwhile programs.

For more about Oswald Crow Agency, contact Betty Weddle, 113 W. Main Street, Richmond, MO  64085.  816-776-5600.  B.weddle@oswaldcrow.com.

More about MAX Insurance:  Address:  4400 College Boulevard, Suite 250, Overland Park, KS  66211.  Phone:  877-971-6300.  Website:  www.MAXInsurance.com or www.MutualAidMinistries.com.  Email:  bmusgrave@maxinsurance.com.