by Dave Wine, President & CEO

Several of our staff have mentioned at times to me that they would love to do more mindfulness pauses at MAX if they just had more time. In many ways mindfulness at work (or at home) does seem kind of counter-intuitive. Why would you want to take more time out of your busy schedule to try and save time when there are so many phone calls to answer and make; emails to write; conversations to have; lists to cross things off; etc.

Yet brain studies do show that by stopping or slowing down, we can become more efficient, productive, happy and healthy. Consider sleep. Most of us need at least seven hours of sleep a night to function effectively. By stopping and slowing down (sleeping) we increase our effectiveness. The same works for the mini-pauses we take during the day via mindful breathing or slowing down and moving our focus away from all our tasks and ‘to-do’s’. Our brains will become even more efficient, focused, effective at communicating with others and learning new skills.

Our pauses, studies show, are just as important to wellness as walking and exercising, maybe even more important. And they lead to us making better decisions and actions. They really do slow us down to speed up. A mindful way of working which creates benefits for everyone.

Dave WineDavid Wine

David is the President and CEO of the MAX enterprise, having served in that capacity since its formation in 2001.   He has forty plus years of  leadership experience in the business and faith-based worlds, being an ordained minister, having been elected to the highest position in his denomination,  and receiving numerous awards and recognition for his leadership in the insurance industry. He currently serves on numerous boards in the church and insurance sectors.  His hobbies include hiking, biking, skiing and snowshoeing as well as being an avid reader.  David and his wife, Sharon, have three daughters, a son, and four grandchildren.

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