The heart of MAX is beating strong this year.  Thanks to a portion of our revenues being dedicated to Mutual Aid Ministries (MAM), our Share Fund is able to provide wholeness to those who need it. Whether it’s a need caused by medical issues or financial problems, Mutual Aid Ministries is ready to assist.  Do you know someone who could benefit from a grant? Let us know. We would love to partner with local churches in your communities.

We have helped grant recipients who:

  • Have health issues and fall behind on their utility bills.
  • Are out of work and cannot afford to make necessary repairs on their home.
  • Had a spouse abandon their family and are unable to pay their significant debts.
  • Lost their job and cannot afford to repair their vehicle as they continue to look for employment.

More details about Mutual Aid Ministries can be found here or by calling 877-971-6300.  More information about our insurance products can be found here.

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