MAX’s vision (our core message) is creating and sustaining W H O L E N E S S through preserving and restoring property, lives and communities.

Why have we chosen this message for MAX?

Wholeness implies that nothing has been omitted, ignored, or taken away – it is a state of well-being, of being complete. Wholeness is an outgrowth of the faith community’s teachings, a reaffirmation of Jesus’ ministry being Way, Light and Wholeness.

In the Message version of the Bible, Isaiah 9:
“For a child has been born – for us!
The gift of a son – for us!
…His names will be Amazing Counselor, Strong God,
Eternal Father, Prince of Wholeness.
His ruling authority will grow,
And there’ll be no limits to the wholeness He brings.”

Wholeness is another word for Light. We are the light for the world – we are the wholeness for the world. The MAX vision is another way to state the call to love our neighbor and live together in community – wholeness. MAX grew out of the Christian tradition but wholeness and light describe important attributes of all faith communities served by MAX.

We live out wholeness at MAX through a combination of quality faith-based insurance products and services, and mutual aid ministries. All of our stakeholder relationships (team, boards, partners, and members) are framed within this mission of wholeness. Each of us carries a responsibility and a privilege to help identify ways that MAX can create and sustain wholeness in lives, property and communities. In all our daily activities, in all our interactions, in all our conversations, we are measured not only for excellence in our work but also for our ability to enhance wholeness.

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