MAX is a reciprocal, which means we are member owned—by you! As a reciprocal, our members have to meet our eligibility guidelines. Those guidelines are defined in our Statement of Shared Values. Since January 2010, all new members have been required to sign this document. MAX members before January 2010 are automatically eligible.

This means that all of our MAX members have joined MAX as a faith-based organization and have agreed to share these values. This commonality means a lot to our members giving them the assurance that they are helping to support persons who share these same values. Even if you never experience an insurance loss at MAX, your premiums are supporting others who share your values in this faith-based community.

These values are important to all of us at MAX and we want to take this opportunity to share them with you again:

Our shared values:

  • Applying love and wholeness towards others and responding to the needs of those around us.
  • Nurturing an attitude of creating and sustaining wholeness in the use and application of all of God’s gifts including money, time, talents, health and life.
  • Promoting wholeness by embracing peaceful arbitration and mediation as the best way to settle disputes and conflicts.
  • Practicing wholeness in our own lives by sharing our gifts and talents with others to build community and promote cooperation.

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