Who wants to think about the “what if” moments when it comes to your home?  What if my house burned down?  What if a tree fell on my home?  What if my documents were destroyed in a fire?  What if my home has water damage and I can no longer stay in it?  None of us want to think about these types of events happening to our homes, but it can happen.

One way to prepare for a “what if” is to prepare a home inventory.  What’s a home inventory?  It’s a list of all the items and belongings in your home.  For if that “what if” moment happened, you would have a list of everything that is damaged or destroyed, making that devastating, unexpected loss a little easier to handle.

Did you know you can even create a home inventory electronically?  Check out HomeZada’s free home inventory app.  Take unlimited photos of the rooms in your home and items in them, plus your garage and outdoor living space with the app.  If the “what if” happened, you can have all the information of your home inventory in the HomeZada app and be able to access it with an internet connection.  Get started on your home inventory today!

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