Refrigerators can break down due to overheating when components are not periodically cleaned.

What can you do?
It’s hard to believe that dust and dirt settling on the compressor, electronics and coils behind your refrigerator could result in a breakdown, but it’s possible. The components are critical to ensuring your refrigerator is properly cooled. When dust builds up on the components, it reduces proper air ventilation requiring the refrigerator to work harder and run hotter. Maintaining proper ventilation improves your refrigerators performance life and protects your unit from a breakdown.

What happens if your refrigerator has a breakdown? At MAX, homeowners and farmowners policies have Equipment Breakdown coverage available.  Talk to your MAX agent or contact us for more information to add this valuable coverage to your policy.

Source:  Mutual BoilerRe

Photo by Nicolas Barbier Garreau on Unsplash