Air conditioning units are complex systems that can break down for a variety of reasons ranging from corrosion on the interior unit to overheating the compressor in the outdoor unit. All of this can be prevented with simple, regular home maintenance.

How can you avoid a breakdown or corrosion?
Preventing corrosion on the interior air conditioning unit is as simple as storing paints and any other materials with acidic qualities in another location, away from the unit. The air conditioner relies on a clean air supply surrounding the unit. When acidic particles combine with moisture on the systems metal coils, they can cause the unit to corrode. In addition, regularly replacing the filters and vacuuming the wall registers improves the indoor air flow, especially in environments that are excessively dusty or have pet dander.

The most effective home maintenance tip for your outdoor unit is to ensure the surrounding area is clear of debris. This will allow proper ventilation to maximize efficiency.

What happens if your air conditioning unit has a breakdown? At MAX, homeowners and farmowners policies have Equipment Breakdown coverage available.  Talk to your MAX agent or contact us for more information to add this valuable coverage to your policy.

Source:  Mutual BoilerRe