by Karen Morrone, Marketing & Communications Manager

When I was a child, I can remember going to my grandpa’s house and hearing him listen to his weather radio. At the time, I figured my grandpa enjoyed listening to the weather forecast each day and I’m sure he did. Perhaps he was listening for a storm’s progress near his home, but I never thought of a weather radio’s purpose for storm tracking.

Now, as an adult, I own a weather radio. I do not listen to my weather radio for daily forecasts like my grandpa did – that’s the advantage of having technology in your hands with the numerous Weather Apps on our smartphones. However, the reason I purchased a weather radio is for protection of me and my family. It gives me a heads up if there is a severe thunderstorm or tornado in my area. The weather radio gives you the progress of each storm and its forecasted path. Plus, it sounds off with a very loud alarm which I need because I am a sound sleeper. The tornado sirens in my neighborhood will not necessarily wake me from a deep sleep. Even if your power goes out during a storm, your weather radio should have a battery back-up, keeping you connected and informed.

Keeping yourself informed of a storm’s progress is always a good idea. Whether it’s with your smartphone or a weather radio, the goal is the same: Stay Safe. For more safety tips, check out our posts here.

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Karen is the Marketing & Communications Manager for MAX where she manages content marketing and social media. When she’s not at the office, Karen can be found transporting her children to soccer and other after-school activities. In her “spare time”, you can find her tending to her flowers outside or baking cookies and brownies.

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