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If walls could talk, they may have wonderful stories to tell. If pipes could talk, you’d probably save a ton of money on plumbing costs. Well, a winner of 2018’s Best of What’s New Home Awards is here to translate your house’s pipes — Flo by Moen is the all-in-one security system for your home water. The world is changing:   first you needed security for your home, then your car, now your water. This is a brilliant idea on preventing water damage, so hear me out.

To avoid water damage, you start with preventing it. The system is installed on the main water supply line to the home. Because it is installed on the main water supply line, the device can monitor all water entering the house. It has three sensors which monitor water flow, pressure, and temperature. These sensors, paired with some algorithms, are what enable Flo by Moen to detect and protect against leaks, burst pipes, and more!

Each night the system will run a health test. Flo can detect leaks as smalls as one drop per minute which more often than not go undetected until after there is extensive damage.

Your smartphone will act as your command center. This is where you will get alerts and shut off your water as necessary if you have a cell signal or are connected to Wi-Fi. Luckily, if you’re unresponsive, Flo by Moen is also smart enough to shut the water off itself should something catastrophic be occurring.

Similarly, you can purchase a Water Hero, which is also installed on the main water line and runs via your cell phone. With the Water Hero, you can set up “Home Mode” and “Away Mode” where the alerts are different depending on the mode.

For example, if the device is in Home Mode, the owner states he usually has it set to alert him if water has been running for 15 minutes and to shut it off if it’s been running for 20 minutes. Alternatively, if it is in Away Mode, he has it set stricter where if the water runs for 1 minute while away, it alerts him and if it runs for 2 minutes, it will shut the water off. These controls are completely customizable by the consumer.

For more information on how Wi-Fi water shut off valves work and two more products, check out this article from DIY Smart Home Guide’s website

The Water Hero starts out at $649 and Flo by Moen is listed at $767.70 MSRP. Although these prices seem high, many customers note within the first 6 months they detect a leak they didn’t know about. If your home insurance deductible is $1000, avoiding just one claim will pay for the device and that is definitely worth thinking about.

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