“Do you have to be Mennonite to get insurance with MAX?” is a frequent question we receive.

The simple answer to this question is “no”.

MAX does have its roots in the Anabaptist, i.e. Mennonite and Brethren communities.  Our heritage definitely stems out from these Anabaptist communities that practice a deep sense of kinship and care for one another.  When MAX was formed in 2000, it was created by ten different mutual aid organizations that were closely tied to the Mennonite/Brethren/Amish communities.  In fact, until 2010, members of MAX also had to be part of these Anabaptist communities.  In 2010, we opened our doors to all people of faith who share our values.  These values are written in our Statement of Shared Values and new members must agree to them before they have a policy issued through MAX.

These values include the following:

  • Applying love and wholeness towards others and responding to the needs of those around us
  • Nurturing an attitude of creating and sustaining wholeness in the use and application of all of God’s gifts including money, time, talents, health, and life
  • Promoting wholeness by embracing peaceful arbitration and mediation as the best way to settle disputes and conflicts
  • Practicing wholeness in our own lives by sharing our gifts and talents with others to build community and promote cooperation

We welcome Mennonites and anyone else who shares our values.  Contact us today for more information.  We’d be happy to help you be a part of MAX!

Photo by WaywardShinobi

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