Meet Linda, an elderly MAX member on a fixed income.  Linda’s property taxes have increased and she had several bills due that she could not pay. Linda’s church has helped Linda with her expenses over the past few winters and also purchases baked goods from Linda (which is one way she augments her income).  Mutual Aid Ministries partnered with her church by matching their grant towards Linda’s expenses.

Their pastor wrote the following:  “We are grateful to MAX Mutual Aid Ministries and the Share Fund grant was a God-send to help an elderly person in our congregation.  Thank you!”

About MAX and Mutual Aid Ministries:  Working primarily through churches and faith communities, MAX devotes a portion of our revenues to emergency grants for people in need of shelter, clothing, utilities, health care or other services insurance can’t provide.  Each year we help individuals and families regain wholeness.   Learn more here.

If MAX sounds like a company you can relate to and would like to be a part of, join today by insuring your homefarm, or church with MAX. Just complete our Get Started form.

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