COVID-19 Update: We’re Still Here for You

We know this is a time of uncertainty.  However, we are focused on what is unchanging, and that is our commitment to live out our vision and values of creating and sustaining wholeness. During this time, we are making sure we do everything possible to keep our members and agents well served and also help keep our team as healthy and safe as possible.

Thanks to our planning and current operational contexts, MAX is well positioned to do this regardless of the ultimate disruption this virus may cause.  All of our team across the United States already works from home on a semi-frequent basis. We know that we can carry out all of the essential operations of MAX whether our physical offices are fully staffed or not.

Members directly impacted by this virus who are encountering an unanticipated financial hardship should contact their MAX agent or our team directly. 

Contact us via telephone at (877) 971-6300 or email  Our Contact Us form is also available for members to send a note to our customer service team.  Plus, Live Chat is available.  Look for the orange highlighted box to the right of this post.

In addition, members can sign up for electronic policy access at  This online member care center also provides an opportunity to make payments online.

We stand ready to help you.  Thanks for choosing MAX.

MAX Member Care Center is Now Live

MAX members now have the opportunity to access their policies online in our new Member Care Center website.  Members can do the following:

  • Go Paperless.  Electronic Policy Access instead of snail mail gives members immediate access to their documents.
  • Make Online Payments.  Pay by credit, debit or electronic check.
  • Schedule Payment Reminders via email or text.
  • View Payment Schedule with billing and due dates.
  • Report New Claims and view Claims History.
  • Contact Member Services by sending a message.
  • Update Contact Information including phone, email and mailing address.

Why not create an account today?  Visit today!

MutualAid eXchange policies only.