MAX Mindfulness: Take a “Mind Break”

by Dave Wine, President & CEO

Here’s an idea for this week.  We all know how often and necessary it is to check our email regularly in today’s digital world.  Each time you reach to click on your email think “mind break” first.  Just take a moment before you read those emails (with all the accompanying work, emotions, fatigue that can happen while reading and responding to them).  Take a moment to perhaps look out the window, focus on something on your desk, close your eyes if you prefer, and just take 2-3 deep breaths.  Then when you have relaxed and let go for a bit you can read and respond.

I literally put a sticky note on my screen this morning reminding me to do that.  I can’t help but see the reminder so I have no excuses if I refuse to take the time to re-center and refocus myself.  Studies show our stress levels decline immensely with just a few additional breaths each day.  So, go ahead and take a “mind break”!

Dave WineDavid Wine

David is the President and CEO of the MAX enterprise, having served in that capacity since its formation in 2001.   He has forty plus years of  leadership experience in the business and faith-based worlds, being an ordained minister, having been elected to the highest position in his denomination,  and receiving numerous awards and recognition for his leadership in the insurance industry. He currently serves on numerous boards in the church and insurance sectors.  His hobbies include hiking, biking, skiing and snowshoeing as well as being an avid reader.  David and his wife, Sharon, have three daughters, a son, and four grandchildren.