Preventing Wind or Hail Damage to Your Home this Fall

Fall is here and the temperatures are beginning to cool.  However, some days in the fall months can still be quite warm and that means severe weather is still possible.  Storms are not limited to the spring and summer months, so now is a good time to protect your home against wind or hail damage that can come with storms.

Here are some tips that may help protect your home from wind or hail damage:

  • Invest in top-quality roofing and a stronger grade of shingles to fortify your roof. This will help better protect the interior of your home, its contents and you!  And, take the initiative to replace your roof when it has outlived its useful life.  If you are unsure how to measure the life of the roof, contact a local and trusted roofer to give you an idea of when the roof should be replaced.
  • Tie down items such as sheds, trampolines, patio tables etc. and secure chairs.While your home may be able to withstand high winds, these items can act as projectiles and can damage the exterior of your home during high wind events.
  • Consider double pane higher quality windows.
  • If you are considering building a home, there are numerous ways to improve the integrity of your home for very little additional cost. You can find ways to improve the storm worthiness of your new home at

Do you have questions about protecting your home against wind or hail damage?  Has it been a while (over a year) since you updated your home insurance policy? Contact your MAX Agent today and he/she would be happy to assist you with your policy.