Living with Tech

By Stephanie McLain, Claims Adjuster

Technology is evolving at an almost alarming rate while becoming pleasantly more affordable.

In 1984, the touch lamp was invented allowing its users to simply touch the light to power it on or dim it without the struggle of flipping or twisting a power switch.

In 1985, The Clapper hit the market as the most “modern” way to power on your electronics without the stress of standing.

The way my house is set up now thanks to my team of Sengled smart bulbs, the hub that controls them, and my Amazon echo; I can say things like, “Alexa, turn on the master bedroom lights,” and I am met with a chime and my lights coming on.

My favorite feature of all so far is that I can set an alarm with my lights. At whatever time I choose, my lights will gradually get brighter, waking me up naturally as opposed to the excessive amount of alarms I had set previously.

Embracing technology and the autonomous life is a gradual process, but starting with the lights is something to consider. Have you ever forgotten to turn the lights off? If you’re gone and you want to check, you just hop on the Alexa app and shut them off. These features work with other smart home devices too such as the Google Home. More control equals more security and more security equals better peace of mind. Who doesn’t want more of that?

Stephanie HeadshotAbout Stephanie

Tech enthusiast (not pro), photographer hobbyist, boy mom, animal lover, and Insurance Adjuster

When Stephanie isn’t at work she’s trying new things from food, tech, games, hair colors, etc. Stephanie and her husband of 2 years live with their 2 boys, 1 fostered cousin, 2 dogs, 1 snake, and 1 fostered bearded dragon. Her goals are to experience the best life has to offer. They like to explore as a family everything from the outdoors, new towns, new games, or even new concepts or ideas for the house.

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