Mutual Aid Ministries Helps Keep Lights on for Salina Family Following Job Loss

A Salina, KS man was faced with a moral dilemma.  Keep his job by working Sundays during his boss’ busy season, or lose his job for the sake of the spiritual, mental and family health he received at church on Sunday morning.  The man’s boss actually offered him extra money if he’d work Sundays.

Missing church was not an option for him and his family.  The man chose church.   The boss fired him and the man has started doing roofing work to help make ends meet.  For now things are tight and bills are due.

That’s where Mutual Aid Ministries was asked to help out.  MAX agent, Mike Frey, and the man’s pastor, Jeff Piepho, at Revolution Church in Salina contacted us. The church was contributing $100 to help pay the family’s phone and electric bill; would we cover the remaining $329.06?  Pastor Piepho said theirs was a high-need church and that Mutual Aid Ministries had blessed them on several previous occasions.

The Mutual Aid Ministries Advisory Team quickly responded, the family’s lights are still on and hopefully his roofing work will help get them back on their feet.

If you know of someone who could use our help, don’t hesitate to contact Mutual Aid Ministries.  Mutual Aid Ministries is the heart of MAX.  We provide grants to eligible individuals, families and community organizations.  Visit to learn more.