Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

by Karen Morrone, Marketing and Communications Manager

September 13 is Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day.  I think kids taking over the kitchen in my house occurs on a weekly basis as they are teenagers who like to cook and bake for themselves.  In honor of this unique holiday and since this is an insurance blog, I thought it best to share some kitchen safety tips that I use with my children:

  • Review how to properly use a knife. Chopping slowly is perfectly fine and always cut downward and away from the body.  I would like to avoid a trip to the ER.
  • Set a timer. And then remember to turn the oven or stove burner off.  I am still working on that second part with my kids.  Taking your masterpiece out of the oven or off the burner is wonderful, but leaving the oven on or having a pan on the stovetop with nothing in it is not wise.  Fire prevention is key.
  • Be alert. Pay attention at all times when cooking or baking.  Burning yourself is anothe reason I hope to avoid the emergency room.
  • Don’t use oil if you are home alone. I do not allow my children to cook with oil if my husband or I are not home.  According to the NFPA, frying is the greatest risk of a cooking fire and unattended cooking is a leading factor in home cooking fires.  Kids can easily get distracted when cooking (hello cellphone), so take away that risk and save the oil for when an adult is home.

I think I’ll celebrate Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day and have my children make my husband and I a terrific dinner.  Perhaps you too can enjoy some time in the kitchen with your family.  And always remember to be safe while doing so.

HeadshotKaren Morrone

Karen is the Marketing & Communications Manager for MAX where she manages content marketing and social media.  When she’s not at the office, Karen can be found transporting her children to soccer and other after-school activities.  In her “spare time”, you can find her volunteering at scouts, tending to her garden, or baking treats.

Photo by Joelk75