Spring Maintenance Tips

Although it may not always feel like spring lately, it is sure to come any day now.  We would like to take a moment to share some spring maintenance tips for your home:

  • Clean out your gutters and downspouts to make sure they are not filled with leaves and debris.
  • Ensure that water drainage is moving away from your home when it comes out of the gutter. You can add an extension to the gutter to make sure the water drains away from your home.
  • Purchase a battery backup for your sump pump. Springtime is also storm season and power outages can happen this time of year.  If your sump pump fails, water can collect in your basement.
  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

It’s not always easy to remember when we should do home maintenance.  If you prefer an automated home maintenance schedule, check out HomeZada.com where you can sign up for email reminders and online alerts.  Have a wonderful spring!

5 Tips to Prevent Claims this Fall Season

Fall may be a cooler time of year, but it can be pretty hot for claims. Here are some quick tips on how to prevent damage to your property this fall. Be safe!

  1. Have your wood burning stove or fireplace inspected by a professional. A professional should always inspect and clean your chimney on an annual basis. Now is the time to schedule your appointment.
  2. Drain and disconnect your hoses. Before freezing temperatures arrive, please remember to drain and disconnect your hoses attached to outside faucets. Why? You can prevent a pipe burst.
  3. Dispose ashes properly. Do you have a non-combustible metal container with a tightly fitted lid to put your ashes in after burning wood? Remember to only dispose the ashes after they have completely cooled.
  4. Do not leave a fire unattended. Whether you are having a fire inside, or are burning one outside, do not leave it unattended. It just takes one ember to pop out of the fire and catch anything nearby on fire. It’s that simple: do not leave a fire unattended.
  5. Use caution when burning leaves or trash. This has to do with #4 above. Leaving fires unattended can be dangerous to your property and also your neighbor’s property if a fire gets out of control. Always check with your local community to see if trash or leaf burning is even legal in your area, especially on high wind days.

Fore more safety tips from MAX, click here. MAX’s vision of creating and sustaining wholeness is lived out by our staff dedicated to provide you WOW member service. Learn more about MAX’s insurance products and mutual aid ministries program and become a member of MAX today!