Fall Driving Tip: Watch for Leaves on the Road

We all love the colors that fall brings – the changing of leaves is quite beautiful. But, what happens to those leaves once they drop? Well, they end up on our roads and when the leaves are wet, they can be such a hazard while you’re driving. Wet leaves are slippery and thus make the road slick, similar to when you’re driving on ice. Take caution when you see wet leaves on the road because your vehicle could lose traction and increase the possibility of losing control.

Now those piles of dry leaves can also present a challenge while driving. Children love playing in large piles of leaves. Never drive through a leaf pile and use caution going around turns where children may be playing. Leaves can also make it difficult to see potholes and bumps in the road. Lastly, never park your vehicle over a pile of leaves. You don’t want to spark a fire from your exhaust system.

We hope you enjoy the fall colors this year and keep these safety tips in mind when you’re driving on the roads.

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