Fall Back Safety Tips

As we fall back this weekend for Daylight Saving Time, it’s a good reminder to test your smoke alarm batteries. Here are a few other fire prevention tips to think about this fall:

1. Never leave a fire unattended. Whether you are having a fire inside, or are burning one in your outdoor fire pit, do not leave it unattended. It just takes one ember to fly out of the fire and set anything nearby in flames.

2. Have a professional inspect your chimney annually. A professional should always inspect and clean your wood burning stove or fireplace each year to ensure it does not have dangerous creosote buildup.

3. Use a metal container for your ashes. After burning wood, ash disposal must be in a non-combustible metal container with a tightly fitted lid. Plus, remember to only dispose the ashes after they have completely cooled.

4. Burning leaves or trash is dangerous. Burning leaves or trash can be dangerous to not only your property but also your neighbor’s property, leading to large liability exposure for you. Always check with your local community to see if trash or leaf burning is even legal in your area, especially on high wind days.

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Photo by uberculture