Dear MAX Member:

Thank you for being a MAX member!  We are introducing the latest Homeowner program for our Virginia members, which includes new policy forms, premium rating, and optional coverage forms. We encourage you to take the time to review your renewal declarations page and new policy forms, which are included.

In an effort to help you understand the many changes that are included with the new policy forms and optional coverage forms, we have posted summaries of the changes below. We have reserved a PDF download for each summary for ease of viewing.

Please note that our summaries are intended to provide you with a reasonable explanation of the pertinent changes within the program.  It does not include every change that has occurred. Therefore, please read all documents included in your renewal.  Once you review the summary of changes, if you have any questions, please contact your agent.  Their contact information is located in the upper left-hand corner of your Declaration page.

We appreciate your membership with MAX and look forward to continuing to provide for your property insurance needs.

MAX Insurance

View each summary in PDF format below:

  1. Amendatory Endorsement - Virginia
  2. Repair Cost Loss Settlement Terms
  3. Coverage C - Higher Limits On Certain Property
  4. Higher Limits On Business Property
  5. Coverage C --- Personal Property - Special Coverage
  6. Computer Coverage
  7. Related Private Structures Rented to Others
  8. Office, Professional, Private School, Or Studio Occupancy - Described Location
  9. Care Provided For Others
  10. Incidental Coverage For Motorized Vehicles - Low Power Vehicles
  11. Scheduled Motorized Golf Cart Coverage
  12. Personal Injury
  13. Replacement Cost Loss Settlement Terms - Personal Property
  14. Other Residents Of Your Household
  15. Additional Insured - Coverages A, B, C, L, And M
  16. Additional Residence Rented To Others - Liability Coverage Only
  17. Unit-Owners Coverage C - Special Coverage
  18. Unit-Owners Coverage A - Special Coverage
  19. Farm Liability Coverage
  20. Employer's Liability And Medical Payments Coverage - Farm Employees
  21. Increased Cost -- Ordinance Or Law - Increased Limit of Coverage
  22. Limited Water Backup and Sump Discharge or Overflow Coverage
  23. Association Deductible Coverage - Earthquake
  24. Residence Under Construction - Theft
  25. Earthquake Loss Assessment
  26. Specified Additional Amount Of Insurance - Coverage A
  27. Additional Insured - Landlord
  28. Additional Insured - Described Location
  29. Related Private Structures - Away From The Described Location
  30. Scheduled Related Private Structures - Away From The Described Location
  31. Insurance By More Than One Company
  32. Fruit Or Vegetable Picking By Public
  33. Incidental Farming
  34. Livestock Collision