Mutual Aid Ministries
Mutual Aid Ministries Grant StoriesFrom humble beginnings serving faith communities, MutualAid eXchange (“MAX”) has chosen to be more than just an insurance company.

We created Mutual Aid Ministries (“MAM”) to help bring wholeness to people facing extreme financial hardship.  For example, we’ve helped laid off workers pay the rent, seniors keep the lights on, single moms buy school clothes for their children, cancer patients cover travel costs for their treatments, and more.

Here’s how it works:

  1. MAX provides highly rated autohomebusinesschurchfarm and other forms of insurance to people of all faiths and social responsibility.
  2. A portion of the revenues we earn from selling insurance is donated to MAX Share Fund, Inc., a non-profit organization, to support Mutual Aid Ministries, that is the heart of MAX.  No other insurance company has a program like ours.
  3. Working primarily through churches and faith communities, MAM receives applications and provides grants for U.S. church members facing extreme financial hardships caused by job loss, health problems, storms, fires or other significant challenges.  See our grant guidelines here.
  4. As a way of saying thank you, and to help keep MAM’s funding stream sustainable, MAX asks recipient churches to inform their members of our assistance so they might consider MAX insurance for their own personal, business or church coverage in the future. There is never any obligation to buy our insurance.  We think that’s fair and in keeping with our founding denominations’ philosophy of reciprocity.

Download our Mutual Aid Ministries brochure here.

Attention MAX Agents:  Are you looking for our MAX Agent Community Grant program?  Click here for more information.