Whether you are a new homeowner, or have been in your home 20 plus years, having a home inventory is important.  Why?  If you were to lose everything in a fire, would you be able to list all of your belongings from memory?  The Insurance Information Institute gives a breakdown here on how to create a home inventory, including how you can start it now, use technology to make it easier, and how to keep the inventory up-to-date and safely stored.

Using technology is easier than paper and pencil, plus you can upload photos or even videos of your items to a secure site.  Simply panning each room of your house with your cell phone camera would make an easy video of your belongings. There are several home inventory websites or apps to use.  One website/app is called HomeZada.  In addition to managing your home inventory, HomeZada has convenient home maintenance checklists and schedules. There are more home inventory options out there on the web, simply do a search.

If you have any questions about creating a home inventory, feel free to contact us here.