MAX Prayer

Gracious God, we pray for the health and success of MAX. Bless this enterprise and its people with your grace and love and the assurance of Your dynamic, living presence. May MAX be a blessing to many people as it creates and restores wholeness through insurance and mutual aid ministries.

Fill our team with generous spirits, patience, kind hearts, faithfulness in service and an enthusiasm for the tasks we perform. Give us the capacity and vision to serve with vigor, compassion and wisdom. Give us the deep satisfaction and assurance that in serving others, we serve You.

Grant to the boards and leadership your inspiration and counsel. Make all of us wise to the times in which we live. Help us understand the complexities facing MAX and grant us the energy and vision to overcome obstacles. Give us a vision of hope and abundance, and forgive us when we see only obstacles and scarcity.

Bless the agents who serve MAX. Protect them against discouragement during dry times. Give them persistent and optimistic spirits, open and friendly dispositions, loving and compassionate hearts. Grant them articulate tongues to share the goals, vision and values to which MAX aspires. Open the minds and hearts of future clients to hear our faith-based message.

Protect our members during storms and other calamities. May they be wise stewards of their property as You guide them away from careless actions and harmful consequences. Instill in all of us generous spirits that move beyond personal self interest towards mutuality and common spirits.

Forgive us when we fail to seek Your guidance, when we become impatient, speak unkindly of anyone or become annoyed with others with whom we work and relate. Guide our tongues and spirits to use wise words and careful counsel. Endow us with creative solutions and encouraging words that will lead people to shalom (peace).

Remind us of Your presence that always surrounds us. Free us from our sense of limitations and convict us to embrace our creative energy. Let this energy of love and wisdom allow us to be a blessing to MAX so that MAX, in turn, can be a blessing to those we serve.