If you prefer doing business with conscientious, socially engaged companies, we’re pleased to welcome you to MutualAid eXchange ("MAX") Insurance.

MAX is known throughout the industry and beyond as a fair, faithful and socially responsible company that cares about the people and communities it serves.

Who Is MAX?
MAX is a member-owned full-service insurance enterprise that provides competitively priced homeowners, farm, and renters insurance in most U.S. states. MAX follows fair, faithful and socially responsible values that direct it to be:

  • Spiritual and seeking guidance in all it does,
  • Stewards of the earth and its resources,
  • Servants in our communities, and
  • Compassionate to our members, their families and communities.

MAX practices its beliefs in two primary ways.

  1. MAX contributes a portion of all its revenues to Mutual Aid Ministries ("MAM"), a program it operates which gives emergency financial help to people facing desperate circumstances and to programs in the communities it serves. Every year, MAM donates thousands of dollars to families in need and projects that strengthen communities. Read more about the families and communities Mutual Aid Ministries has assisted here.
  2. MAX is a cooperative that reports to its policy-holding members, not Wall Street. “We believe that business can be profitable and still help others,” said Lisa Bage, MAX President and CEO. “We are committed to providing fair, faithful and socially responsible insurance products and to helping our fellow man at the same time. We call that caring beyond the contract.”