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by Brad Shrum, CPCU

MAX offers insurance to protect your church structures and contents in addition to liability coverage for your church.  I’d like to introduce you to an additional coverage for your policy:  Cyber Liability Coverage.  Your church has an exposure to cyber risk if it uses e-mail or other electronic means of communication; has a website; accepts electronic funds transfers; or acquires private information, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, or health information, regardless of whether this information is being stored electronically.

Cyber Liability Coverage protects your church from:

  • Network Security and Privacy Liability
  • Electronic Media Liability
  • Funds Transfer Fraud Liability
  • Privacy Breach Expenses

Would you like to learn more about Cyber Liability Coverage for your church?  Contact your MAX agent today or feel free to contact me at 877-971-6300.  You can also complete the quote request form on the right hand side of this page.  I would be happy to answer your questions and help your church get properly covered.

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Brad has worked at MAX for the past 14 years and has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry doing underwriting, field management work, and sales. Outside of the office, Brad is an ordained Southern Baptist Deacon and a Sunday School teacher of 30 years. In addition, Brad is a long-time Vacation Bible School teacher and has an ongoing 19 year Nursing Home Ministry. Since he was a young teenager, Brad has been an avid goose hunter, traveling across North America while pursuing this noble bird and enjoying the outdoor world.

Cyber Liability Coverage for Churches
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