The MAX Team provides services to support insurance operations:



Could your company benefit from an experienced, third party audit of your claim files?

Do you have a claims handling manual that documents processes and procedures that comply with applicable laws?



Could your company benefit from an experienced, third party audit of your underwriting files?

Do you have an underwriting manual that documents proper procedures and rules to be followed?



Are you considering a new system implementation but lack the staff time or experience to oversee the project?

Do you have the staff resources to fully evaluate alternative processing systems and vendors?



Do you need help developing website content that drives sales and serves your members?

Do you have the time and expertise on staff to develop the marketing materials needed by your agents?

Do you need help managing social media?


Succession Planning:

Will an impending staff retirement create a hole you aren’t sure you can’t fill?


Data Analysis:

Do you wish you had better financial forecasting and modeling?

Are you able to evaluate your data to glean insights?


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