The MAX Enterprise began when ten companies across the U.S. and Canada collaborated with one another to build something brand new for the 21st Century.  The original goal was that each company would retain its own identity and MutualAid eXchange (“MAX”, a Kansas reciprocal insurance company) through its attorney-in-fact, MII Management Group, Inc. (“MIIMG”, the services provider employing all staff), would provide the “backroom” products and services needed by the insureds.

Gradually, after MAX and MIIMG began operations in 2001, each of the ten companies, at different time intervals, decided to integrate fully into MAX.  However, MAX and MIIMG were formed with the specific intent of allowing any insurance company that wished to retain its own and original identity to do so.  The decision to have MIIMG employ their staff members and merge their insured members and resources into MAX was their own organizational decision and not thrust on them.

The MAX Enterprise history is one that was, and still is, committed to keeping a local company’s identity and visibility at the forefront as it provides management and services behind the scene.  We lead with service and support as primary goals.  We seek to offer services to other insurance companies that are struggling to find the necessary resources to thrive in today’s rapidly changing environment.